The Little Things

In life there are little things that happen everyday that pass us by. Things that we do not fully apprecaite because we are too busy doing something else or we are drawn within our daily rituals. Today I am grateful for the people that genuinely care for me and wish me well. A gentleman I know as an uncle but really is a family friend congratulated me on some big news and I felt it in his voice how sincere he was. Many hours later, I am sitting at home thinking how he must have pryed for me for thus big news to come. We never know who is looking out for us but when we do, it is so humbling! Amidst of all the depressing news, a few moments shine through and give us hope. Because of what I know this man did for me, I am praying for someone else this instant. That is the true circle of servitude in Christ.



2 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Real Talk..Most of the time we are too busy to pray for ourselves and with all the evil aroind us,We also forget that its the prayer of those that love us truly that kip us in safe and going!!

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