Help is here!

I used to get really angry at certain situations and it took a lot of energy out of me. I always wondered what it was that would make such things as alcoholism, infidelity, selfishness and disrespect thrive in the face of so many forces trying to fight them. That was then. Now I do not get annoyed (or at least I pray very hard not to get angry) because it suddenly hit me that it  is not at all what I thought it was for a long time.

Some may say that the reason an alcoholic goes back and does the same horrid things that humiliate and drive him to so much shame when he is sober is that he is covering up some problems that he can’t deal with in his life. Others may still reason that there is a certain enjoyment in drinking yourself silly and performing the most heinous acts while under the influence. I do not believe either of those philosophies. In fact, I think that people who abuse alcohol do it for a few different reasons of which come back to one thing – temptation. No one in their right mind would want to be in a state of disillusion for a long period, not knowing if they pissed themselves or how they got themselves into the bed they found themselves tucked into, clothes stripped off. They do not like waking up to no memory at all of how they got there, what they did, and worst of all, who put them where they are. It is very shameful as you would imagine to find that you are in your bed, clothes off, reeking of alcohol, splitting headache and no recollection of the events of the night before or maybe a specific time at which your ‘high’ was most intense. I have seen and dealt with scenarios that have broken my heart and the more encounters, the more I realized that it has nothing at all to do with the mere fun of it all.

We are weak beings. We do not sit ourselves down and fight what we know are our biggest stumbling blocks. Instead we walk around in vain efforts to make sure that the battle on the inside never flips itself to the outside so that no one knows what kind of demons we fight. What we do not know is that it is more honorable to fight the demons than to cover it all up while drowning further in pits that the devil lays for us but that we dig deeper into on our own.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that I realized that it is not the fault of the person who has been overcome by an addictive spirit. They feel bad deep down. I am sure of that. They cannot stand themselves in those states either. They are sunk in guilt after every episode. It is the flesh against the spirit and because the spirit is not well nurtured, it is not strong enough to get them away from the evils of the flesh. There is a reason that the bible tells us to put off our old self (the fleshly man) and put on the new (spirit led man). Eph 4:22 It is because these two cannot be together! If we indeed want to take up the cross and follow Christ, we must die in the flesh to rise again with Him in the Spirit and have eternal life.

It is not an easy thing and for some people, it becomes the one thing that is preventing them from growth in the Lord. I am here today to encourage all those people who cover up their addictions by saying that they love doing what they do and that it is a great way to spend time with friends. All the people who have at one point rationalized their thoughts to lessen the guilt. “It’s just a drink, it is not that bad” No, it is not that bad, but is it just one drink and do you have to? Do you know how to stop yourself or do you know your limits? Are you really spiritually strong enough to call the shots? Would you be better off not touching one in the first place?

I want to speak to all those people who make it seem cool to lead a destructive lifestyle. It is not cool and you know it. At one point, if it hasn’t already happened, that lifestyle will destroy you, create problems with your family, and be taken up by your children. In my heart of hearts, I feel a strong need for repentance and it saddens my soul to know that we have clouded our minds so much that we are a nation in complete denial.

Our personal demons have become national evils and we are letting them take over. I call upon all of us, especially those that know the Lord to pray, first for themselves and for their nation, brothers and sisters. I for one cannot stay silent. I have decided to speak the truth forever in love. It is not right to self destruct and neither is it okay to not be held responsible for causing hurt and pain to your family or friends. If you are in a situation that you do not like and genuinely want to come out of, then please please answer this call to help. It is your chance to make a stern decision knowing that there are people who will encourage you along the journey but most of all, knowing that God is there with you the entire time!

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9.

He is with you and He works in ways you cannot even imagine to make sure that you are still here. If He has done all that for you, why can you not accept Him? After all, it is only for your own good.


*If you need to talk to someone, please e-mail me at and we can set up a meeting.


16 thoughts on “Help is here!

  1. I get postings via facebook. could you post me via e-mail. The articles are pragmatic and down to earth. The reach my innermost fears. May GOD bless you and inspire you more

  2. Hi Henry, thanks so much for your encouragement. At the top left column of this blog, there is an option to subscribe to this blog. Please click it and there will be further instructions on how to insert your e-mail address and receive updates every time a new post comes up. Otherwise, please email me at and I will be happy to chat with you!

    God bless and keep you!

  3. Today was a draining day when i woke up! Having to deal with a situation i think of everyday, Having to deal with people (well today) a person that makes life sooo difficult to live. But after opening my email and reading this post I was encouraged by so many things I Thanked God that I stopped living a destructive life Socially because im one of those people who made it look very cool! Im still praying for others and I also thank God for the reading Joshua 1:9- which fills me with so much will power. Just got into Simplicity St. & I Like it very much! GBU

  4. I know so many people that need to read this. I know the destruction addiction can cause as I have experienced it personally. Permission to publish it on my blog and facebook. Of course I’ll give you credit.

  5. 🙂 permission granted Carlo, it’s already on facebook at the simplicity street page

    The more people we have reading this, the easier it will be to come out and talk about it. We need it and we need it now.

    PS: I can’t stop looking at your ka liso liso in your profile pic lol. thanks for stopping by

    @ BK: Bless your heart, and I pray for brigther days ahead for you. Congrats on leaving that life behind. I will definitely be praying for bigger, greater growth in your life!

    Love & Blessings!

  6. Brilliant writing – although I thought some of it a little simplistic. There are people who genuinely enjoy their bad habits and those who have deep psychological issues that drive them to those habits.

    On the whole, very encouraging reading – I commend what your doing.

  7. Thanks, i agree, these addictions are not something we can fight on our own despite the numerous resolutions, and resolutions and then some. I should know, i have made so many. The fight is not our own. i learnt that, and got rid of some, still wondering whether i must get rid of all…and i got rid of people too…
    Thanks alot though, thank you for the reminder that the battle is the Lord’s.
    God bless.
    Thanks though,

  8. Hi Baroka!! Good to have you reading 🙂 And thank you for the encouragement. I realize that there are much deeper much more complex issues surrounding things like addiction (I should know since I have experiences some of my own and majored in Psychology). That goes without saying for sure.

    What I am trying to get at here is what Kaza mentioned. There are things that we do that we may or may not like that lead us to destructive lifestyles. The psychological explanation is there, ever present but what I am trying to get at is the spiritual explanation. I believe that before the flesh comes into play, the spirit is the one that is grieved. If suppressed long enough, then the flesh takes over and the mind plays along with the flesh.

    That is why I agree with you when you say that there are some people that enjoy their bad habits. I would not say they ‘genuinely’ enjoy them though because their whole being is torn apart. The flesh is king and it seems to be enjoying it but it is slowly self destructing. The mind is overwhelmed by the flesh and finds a way to rationalize what it knows is its failure by justifying it with the idea that it is fun and enjoyable, blocking out all other reason. The spirit though, which to me is the most sacred, has been suppressed so much in some cases that it cannot even mutter any convictions of guilt or repentance to this person.

    That is why I now understand that so much goes into play when addictions set in and I believe that in understanding that, we are better armed to fight with the devil because he has been playing this card for too long and now it is cleaning out our generation!

    Thank you all for commenting and God Bless your souls!

  9. Our generation has bigger problems than addictions. Addictions are symptoms of a much greater problem. Addictions are for the most part social poblems, people in what is usually considered low social groups are the ones who tend to be addicts to drugs,alcohol.

    I find that the youth in our generation who suffer from addiction are mostly of a good social standing. It stands to reason therefore that their addictions stem from overindulgence!
    This is where things like knowing one’s limits are applicable.

    Now, if those of a better/good social standing are wasting away then you have a real problem. It reminds me of a debate i used to have with some people in London. They seem to think the current generations are wasted etc etc. But i always used to tell them to study the demographic that is and more often than not the impolite, drunks, addicts all fell in the lower social classes, because of social problems.

    In Uganda though, I dont believe it is so much a social as it is a political problem. There is no leadership on these kind of issues much less on many others. Personally I worry alot about Uganda because the people who should be steering our future are doing all but that.

    I know I have taken this debate in another direction completely and I apologise for doing so but for me this is the biggest problem we have in Uganda. We need leadership.
    I read in your blog somewhere you where talking about praying for Uganda, we need to seriously.

  10. I know someone who is in this kind of mess and honestly i dont see him getting out of it now but the addiction is eating him up so fast that he cant even realise it, first he was addicted to alcohol and then along the way he started lying to his close friends and family so he can get money for alcohol and now that too has become an addiction a serious addiction by the way….Honestly how does one get to help this person if he cant even in sec cant tell u a single truth….we nolonger trust him with money cause we know where its going to end up, we have prayed but he gets worse in Uganda i havent had of rehabilitation centres yet but i think its the best place he needs to be, now i wonder how many ugandan youth are just like my friend and nothing is done about it! We Ugandan youth seriously need to wake up and start praying for ourselves and our nation before its too late.

  11. Chikie, there are rehabilitation centres. There is one in Nsambya, it’s an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and it’s pretty good. Give me a call and I’ll tell you about it.
    Baroka, I hear what you’re saying about the addiction being in the upper class of our youth but I don’t think the problem is political. I think it has more to do with leadership in the home, not in the country. I think parents play a big role in this over-indulgence.

  12. Nawankunda chiktita gidds, please e-mail
    I may be able to give you some addresses that you could contact so as to find a rehab center. I know of two,one upper market the other general happiness

  13. I am so blessed by the way everyone is reaching out to another to give important info. Thank you guys for standing in the gap.

    Baroka, I have read your comment over and over again and it has spurred other thoughts. I for one do not think that it is only those of lower social standing that struggle with these issues. You say we need leadership and I am of the opinion that our future lies nowhere else but in God’s hands and it is our duty to ensure that our future, as an individual, as a family, a nation is in line with God’s will.

    There’s a lot I would like to say on this so I think i’ll write a different post.

    Again, thank you all so much for your insight, that is why we are here.

  14. Carlo, I wasnt saying that addiction is prevalent amont lower classes of society in Uganda alone , or in higher classes – i was trying to look at it from a wider spectrum. I was trying to get us to look not just at addiction but what addiction is and why it is on the rise in Uganda. I was looking at it as a social problem and was looking at the origin of social problems in Uganda, which is how i arrived at politics.

    Your very right, from a home level parents have a role to play and certainly parenting definately defines what kids are like as grown ups.

    Ziva, I have read your post and glad i got you thinking in other directions, I enjoy your posts and would like to see where you take the discussion next, ie from a national level!

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