Project Be Daring: Changing our World

Many years have come and gone since HIV\AIDS appeared on the scene. This mysterious disease has spread like wild fire affecting people of all ages, races, and gender. In Uganda, it is still a serious problem despite previously succesful efforts at sensitization and dropped prevalence rates. In fact, studies show that the prevalence rate is at 6.7% and even more appalling is that women are often the victims of unknown infections.
All this information can be found at
This month of December, let us make a conscious effort to bring awareness back in a form that shows positive change. If you do not know your status, get tested. If you know your status, encourage a friend to go get tested. Be bold and take it a step further, come back here to simplicity street and tell us how it went, reservations and lessons learnt from the experience.
If you are HIV positive, you are welcome to share with us. Let us learn from each other. Find support and comfort here.
Dare to be a part of the change. We can and will have an AIDS free world.


One thought on “Project Be Daring: Changing our World

  1. I’m afraid of needles but i’m going to be brave and face the test if that will encourage some of my friends to take the step as well. I lost one of my uncles to HIV/AIDS. I was still a little boy then but i’ll never forget the suffering he endured. So i dare to be part of the change so we can have an AIDS-free world.

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