Stillness: The greatest stress conquerer.


The Nile River as seen from Wild Water Lodge in Jinja

It is strange to have a moment in life where calm and tranquillity envelope you almost to a point of immense claustrophobic pressure but this is the case for me as I sit on an old vintage Victorian one piece settee overlooking the hypoxia falls on the river Nile.

The air is breathtakingly fresh and my usually allergy prone tendencies are struggling to take in a breath so pure. My lungs seem to have accepted city grub as the norm so the idea of unadulterated, nature-filtered air is new, sometimes causing a feeling close to that of asphyxiation.

Beauty has new meaning in my life. Beauty, right now, is this moment. Where no stress points push down heavily into my shoulders, and no worries of what I haven’t done gush through my mind involuntarily.

Here, the greatness of God is in the constant crashing waves of the falls; strong and gentle. Wisdom is in the carving of the rocks as they shape the entire river through. Beauty is indeed in the joyful chirping of the birds early in the morning as they flutter their wings in praise.

How can you not praise the Creator at such a sight as this? The wonders of creation are revealed here in this cabin made of hand carved wood over looking the beautiful splendour of the Nile.

My experience, my moment only reminds me of God’s grace in creating the world. Not only did He intend for us to manage this world and rule over all that is in it, He made this world that we may find joy, beauty, pleasure, tranquillity in it.

Though we toil, we have wondrous escapes and nothing should ever be so overwhelming that we are blinded from His grace.  Have you ever counted the branches of a tree to find that every single branch is uniquely formed? Or have you gazed at the butterfly and found that no single spot or line of vibrant color is ever repeated.

How do you figure, the forest replenishes itself and is able to be host to millions of species of plant and animal life? Isn’t it splendour that the sparrow wakes every morning, finds food, flies about, and reaches the furthest ends of the earth all the while in a song of praise?

What we run around building and constructing, tearing down and washing away has a profound effect on our lives. I for one did not know that one could sit and have absolutely no thought in their mind. This is what it must be like to truly commune with God. I feel like my spirit is being cleansed with the rush and tide of the river and at the bottom of the cleansing process, the volatile yet controlled crash of the waves in the waterfall is my voice rejoicing in praise for my renewal and strength!

Find your moment of stillness and get used to practising different methods of attaining peace within. Do not be afraid of the thoughts that will undoubtedly flood your mind once you have sat yourself down. Simply resist engaging in an actual activity and work through the clutter of thoughts in your mind from urgency, to stress, to exhaustion and or complaints to the other end of the continuum which comprises of rainbows, roses and daisies, calm and contentment. If you still yourself long enough, you will find that the place of rest is actually real and not just a part of your imagination. Once you stop concerning yourself with the political climate of our country, the job you work so hard at and never take a break from, or the family that you toil to please, you will find that your blessings supersede your expectations and beauty will be found in the strangest of places.

Allowing to be removed from the self brings such great rewards. Years ago while walking down a carefully constructed path in Georgia; I noticed the majesty of trees sprawled along either side of the road.  Now, I am not only a tree lover, I find great pleasure in observing the wonder of creation and the infinite wisdom that is the Creator. All at once I am a minute speck in the picture that is nature and I am comforted in knowing that if grand majestic beings like trees can live and be sustained in the harshest of climates, worry and stress should never elude my thoughts into thinking that I cannot live beyond the next problem.

Share with us some of your still moments.

The writer is a wife and mother of one beautiful girl. She adores her God and loves to be surrounded by truth, peace, and appreciates tolerable people. 

One thought on “Stillness: The greatest stress conquerer.

  1. Fantastic piece, sure makes me want to share. Interestingly my moments of stillness happen when I’m on the move. It’s an hour’s walk from my workplace to my place of abode. So I often leave office at 7pm and walk all the way home. During this time, the business of the world seems to halt to let me enjoy my peace as I take stock of my day and pray all the way. It’s fantastic. So fantastic that I’m afraid of the day I’ll buy a car seeing it might put an end to all that.

    My other moment happens at 5am Monday-Friday. During this time, the world (at least in my neighbourhood) is unusually calm and fresh in a way that makes me want to cry when I think about it! Nothing beats the beauty of that early-hour breeze fanning my face. The feeling is like the feeling of endless kisses all over your face from the one you really love. The road’s deserted and quiet. Once in a while a car revs by but mostly it’s the sound of my footfalls on the tarmac that’s a delight to hear. I jog for 30 minutes but the concentration is on the meditation and the communication I’ve with God during that time. Once it felt like I own the world at that hour and so sat in the middle of the road at the top of the hill where I usually make my u-turn, till the panting and sweating gone.

    I cannot stop thanking Jesus for those precious times.

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