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5 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Simplicity Street is thought provoking!! Congraturations on a well thought out Blog! I promise to contribute to the debate. Bless!

  2. Hi I would like to remain nameless. How can I help my friend? We were tight homies in school; he taught me how to seduce girls, he was very intelligent, industrious and tough. He was a ladies man and got any girl he fancied. But he was also obstinate and feared no man. But his troubles began the day he joined high school and some guys tried to tease him; he beat them up all, including the head-prefect and he was expelled. He had lost his Dad four years earlier and his mom was poor, yet he was the eldest son. Even joining high school was possible through his own hustles. But after he was expelled, his dreams were prematurely shattered. I was sorry to lose him because he was like a big bro. and always had my back. Anyhow, he joined a village school and performed dismally; while i joined Makerere, he entered a teachers training college. To him this was failure. Coupled with a feeling that he had betrayed his mom and little brothers whose were fastened on him, must have exerted monstrous pressure on him because he soon became a dopehead and his randy ways saw him impregnant someone’s daughter. He basically became a messed up hommie; folks began harping on about his madness for he spent his days in bars burning the midnight oil. I wondered what happened to the once popular ‘kid’ who was our entertainment prefect, who got all the beauties clamouring for his attention, who knew how to mint money, dressed like a prince, spoke the best English by village standards(he had had his early formative years in the city), and no body could beat in in bicycle racing or in an arm wrestling competition. At university I had embraced Christ, so I started praying for him but it seemed my prayers were ineffectual. Imagine then my shock when a few months ago, he called saying he was in the city. Apparently he had gotten a simple job in some factory around time. I invited him to my place, and later over pork rehashed old memories. There was sadness in his eyes and aura of resignation seemed to lurk around him. I asked him what he wanted to do and saw that his plans were far, far below the station of the guy I knew would one day become a great man. The he told me he would like to return to school and study Law but where could he get the money. He told me about his daughter who’s still with her mom. I told him I still believed in him, and that what matters in life is how a man ends not where a man has come from. I told him about my own struggles but how God was taking care of me; and most of the time he kept quiet and I talked on and it all made me feel like I was loading my spiritualism over him. I gave him some money; and he has been visiting. But it has reached a point I feeling giving him money is not enough; he even now pulls out a cigarette in my presence (he know how i had smoking) and every time I share the gospel with him he keeps quiet and won’t say a word in return. I still read that sadness in his eyes, and the halo of resignation still hovers around him. How I help him reinvent himself -because i still believe he’s a man of strong character that can if helped become an important figure some day

  3. Am glad to know that God is using you to help many people who have problems but don’t know what to do. Keep on this good work,one day God will smile from one ear to another(Hmmm cant Imagine that) and He will say “well done my dia gal..welcome into my house…shiiiiiiii nga angels take you to your mansion. But really,this is what God requires us to do.Am happy

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