A friend in need is a friend indeed..

We were tight homies in school; he taught me how to seduce girls, he was confident, intelligent, funny, industrious and fearless. He was a ladies man who got every girl he fancied. But he was also obstinate. His troubles began the day he joined high school; some guys tried to bully him; he beat them … Continue reading

Letting Go Of An Abusive Past

Hello, I was raised by my step mother and father who subjugated and beat me, leaving the fear of men deep in my heart. Since then, I’ve failed to assert myself as a man. I don’t know how to make eye contact and when I talk to my seniors or even people I respect, I … Continue reading

Fear of life and not fear of death??

Hey, great idea this.. This is something that has been nagging at me for some time now…. Why do high school and university students(both sexes) (in Uganda)always seem to fear unplanned for pregnancies instead of Aids? Aids is a secondary issue when they find out they have impregnanted someone or are pregnant… it really bothers … Continue reading

Work Pressures

Hey, how do you handle a situation whereby you are about a month into your new job and the pressure to deliver is too much and your head of department is imposing and is always summoning you into his office and giving you lectures that make you feel like you are doing nothing and it … Continue reading


This is a blog I have been thinking about for some time and now, I am finally starting it. This is a place where you can come and read about life’s many questions and my answers to them. You can also email me your questions and maybe I can help you. The themes that interest … Continue reading