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12 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Hey, how do you handle a situation whereby you are about a month into your new job and the pressure to deliver is too much and your head of department is imposing and is always summoning you into his office and giving you lectures that make you feel like you are doing nothing and it all makes you feel like waking up one morning and throwing in the towel?

  2. Hello, I was raised by my step mother and father who subjugated and beat me, leaving the fear of men deep in my heart. Since then, I’ve failed to assert myself as a man. I don’t know how to make eye contact and when I talk to my seniors or even people I respect, I lose my voice and sometimes my hands shake like an old man’s. My young brother effortlessly makes friends; rich, poor, politicians, business tycoons, women, old and young –he even melted the heart of quite a looker and from an affluent family. But I don’t have anyone I can confidently call a true friend. I haven’t even gathered the guts to tell the girl I love that I love her because I’m broke and I don’t like where I stay. She’s confident, intelligent and exposed; I felt like a man the first time I saw her and I felt I could win her. But now I fear losing her to a slick dude seeing she has finished school already and still too, too broke to marry her. And what if I marry her and fail to measure up? What if I can’t fulful her desires? How will I face her family seeing my emotional dislocation? When I hang out I get so bored; come to think of it, I get bored quickly and all the time and get so impatient. I prefer staying home reading books music but I work only because I’ve to feed my stomach and pay rent. Sometimes I pray and afford to get solace but it’s only fleeting. I also find some solace in music and books but that also is transient.

  3. In your Guest Book, I hit the Submit button without reading through and registered some mistakes. Below is the correct version:

    We were tight homies in school; he taught me how to seduce girls, he was confident, intelligent, funny, industrious and fearless. He was a ladies man who got every girl he fancied. But he was also obstinate. His troubles began the day he joined high school; some guys tried to bully him; he beat them up all, including the head-prefect, getting himself expelled. He had lost his Dad four years earlier and his mom was broke, yet he was the eldest son. Even joining high school was through his own hustles. The expulsion shattered his dreams prematurely. I was sorry to lose him because he was like my big brother and always had my back. Back in the village school, he performed poorly. While I went to Makerere, he joined a teachers training college. This bruised his ego and the feeling that he had betrayed his mom and little brothers whose eyes were fastened on him, exerted monstrous pressure on him; he soon became a dope-head and his randy ways saw him impregnant someone’s daughter. He basically became a messed up hommie, spending his days in bars. I wondered what happened to the once popular ‘kid’ who was our entertainment prefect, who got all the ‘sweeties’ clamouring for his attention, who knew how to mint money, dressed like a prince, spoke the best English by village standards(he had had his early formative years in the city), rode his bicycle like Armstrong and no body in our class ever beat him in an arm-wrestling contest. At university I had embraced Christ, so I started praying for him but it seemed my prayers were ineffectual. Imagine then my surprise when a few months ago he called saying he was in the city. Apparently he had gotten a simple job in some factory. I invited him to my place, and later over pork, rehashed old memories. I saw sadness in his eyes and an aura of resignation lurked around him. I asked him what he wanted to do and saw that his plans were far, far below the station of the guy I knew would one day become a great man. Then he told me he would like to return to school to study Law but where could he get the money. He told me about his daughter and how her mom is apprehensive that he’s not featuring much in his daughter’s life. I told him I still believe in him, and that what matters in life is how a man ends not where a man has come from. I told him about my own struggles but how God’s helping me. He kept quiet and I talked on until I felt like I was stifling him with my spirituality. I gave him some money; and he has been visiting. But it has reached a point where I feel giving him money is not enough; I want him to have self-belief again but every time I share the gospel with him he keeps quiet and won’t say a word in return. I still read that tiredness in his eyes; he tries to smile sometimes but I see he’s a broken man. How can I help him reinvent himself -because I’ve never forgotten his strong character and the glint of ambition during our secondary school days?

  4. wat do you do when your husband continously cheats on you and your so fed up you want to cheat back to get even or just end the marriage.

  5. I’m having tea with two of my very favorite girls and we get talking(don’t we always?) and one of them tells us about someone we know so well….
    He is married and they have a baby, basically a newly wed couple starting out. And now, he got another girl pregnant. He asked her to abort and she refused. I’d like to explore this question at all angles… the wife- What do you do when you find out about this?
    The husband- i wonder…
    The other woman- …?
    Let’s enlighten each other please……
    What precedent does it give to the friends of this couple- especially the married friends… so many things puzzle me.

  6. When we were little, we read a lot. And I’m sure my love for reading is the result of those times.
    Today, children are more into video games, children soaps- Hannah Montana and the likes…
    I want to be able to teach my child how to read- to instill that ‘discipline’ into him at an early age. I have an idea as to how i wanna handle it but it involves compulsory reading, curtailing the telly hours- ok minutes…. And i feel guilty already as i think about it, won’t my baby loathe books instead?
    Any recommendations on how to go about that?

  7. I have a question.

    How do you move on from a broken friendship? I’m the type of person that believes in long-lasting friendships, although I know that there are reason, season and lifetime people. I had a good friend a few years ago with whom I shared many interests, topmost of which was our love for God and our passion for making a difference. However, we made some bad choices and allowed too many people into our business, and our friendship seemed like it was broken beyond repair. Both she and I have faced abuse, rejection, confusion, fear, and regret, caused by each other and also the external forces that I have mentioned above that laid a wonderful foundation of gossip and malice.

    I have since moved on, but occasionally will see or hear something that washes me over with a “What if…?” and a feeling that something incomplete and God-given was immaturely and forcefully ended. Like we allowed the enemy to win. Like someone died, but the pain is not buried because the person is still very much alive.

    How would you advise that I deal with that? What should I do if I run into this person?


    A young lady who lost a good friend. 🙂

  8. Hi,
    My long long relationship ended sometime back and i seem to be slipping in and out of depression. it was mostly perfect, or atleast so i thought until she decided to end it without much warning. We even talked marriage next year!! It is like she became cold all of a sudden and blamed me for everything. I think part of the problem is that they bottled up alot of stuff and said it was ok, i had been forgiven even when clearly i was not. I really feel like this was the love of my life! I cannot seem to get past that. I have tried to get her back numerous times. I have prayed for strength to move on, to let go, for God to lead me to the one! , it seems to all be in vain! I oscillate between extremes all the time. I can be cool, i can be too happy, then i get depressed and i cannot talk to anyone! She was my best friend! I act out sometimes, hang with all the people i know i should’t i am back to sleeping around! flirting around, then i am guilty and i am praying again and believing God has my back.
    It is exhausting! I need counselling or a psychiatrist! I need prayers!

  9. hey, i’m crazy about some girl and i want to marry her NOW. i feel i’m psychologically ready. but she’s doing well and i’m presently a church mouse. she might visit my muzigo and not deem me man enough to provide for her. but i feel i’ve what it takes to make money and give her the good life she deserves. plus i’ll be faithful to her and love her like no other man will probably ever love her. any advice? because, like i said, i want to marry her NOW! peter

    • Hi Peter,

      I trust that you are well. Thank you for coming here to share your thoughts and ask your question. I would advise that you assess the things that you consider about yourself as marriage ready. What is it about you that she likes and is she able to identify you now, as the person that she intends to spend the rest of her life with? You did not mention whether you were courting or not. It is safe to say that there is a lot more to marriage than faithfulness and provision. When two people get married, it must be for the right reasons. For example, one gets married to complement and support the other in all that they do; and therefore must be in agreement with the other persons lifestyle, dreams, beliefs, and plans for the future.

      If there is no clear understanding from the beginning as to why you want to marry this girl now other than you will love her like no other then examine yourself and speak with her about developing and making more concrete that affection you have for her in other areas of your life. You may find that she is the one that was meant to help expand your wealth or may be she is not ready for such a commitment.

      What is the urgency for? Why would you marry here now if you cannot as the head of the home provide for her? If some of these things are not discussed in the beginning, you may find yourselves in a miserable and quarrelsome state at the start of the marriage.

      My advice is take your time, be open with her, and let her know how you feel and why you feel that her being better off than you (I take it financially) would be a problem in the relationship and perhaps in the marriage and see her response. Also, take your time and really evaluate your reasons for wanting to marry her ‘NOW’ when you can take your time and have a better period of time to assess each other’s compatibility in all the aspects that matter to both of you.

      That goes without saying that in the interim, you do not engage in the sacred things of marriage and stay pure to yourselves until you decide to get married and enjoy a life that has been based on truth and commitment.

      I hope this helps.


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